The New Jim Crow

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Politics and Prision

Hypothesis Annotation #2

Part 1

Read the GOLDEN GULAG & Watch the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Episode of Orange is the New Black (TV series on Netflix or Youtube)

How does the organization of the prisoners within Litchfield Correctional Institution correspond to Gilmore’s concept of “spatial unevenness” (p. 16) Relate to each of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Episode of Orange is the New Black

Part 2

This reading is designed for you to collectively define key terms in the introduction to Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s (2007) book Golden Gulag and build analytical connections between that text and Orange Is the New Black Season 1, Episode 3 – “Lesbian Request Denied” (2013).

For the first point, you will be asked to focus on the content of the reading. Find 2 of the following concepts in the article and write the definition

carceral geography

four incarceration theories: retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation

“Crime went up, crime went down, we cracked down”

land as surplus

spatial unevenness

For the second point, return to the reading after we watch the Episode 3 of OITNB and formulate an application question.

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The New Jim Crow

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