The Annotated Bibliography

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Hide Assignment Information Instructions The Annotated Bibliography (75 points) Since research takes time and is one of those open-mode activities that doesn’t always get recognized, I always have students complete an annotated bibliography before writing their papers.

One helpful tool before writing a research paper is to complete what is known as an annotated bibliography. For this particular assignment, I would like you to include at least five citations. Each citation should begin with a standard MLA citation for your source. Then write a one paragraph summary of your source (about one hundred words). Finally, write an evaluation of the text and a reflection on the applicability of this source to your paper (about fifty words). In other words, write what the article is about, what you thought about the article, and whether or not you can use the included information within your upcoming essay.

In case it’s not clear, your research should be on your upcoming gremlin essay (the Obama effect). And you do not have to use your research here in your paper. As you’ll figure out, a lot of research is “well, that was interesting, but I can’t use it.” You may also discover at the end of this process, that you want to write about a different gremlin. That’s fine too. What’s important for now is that you’re doing the research, summarizing sources, thinking about your papers, and practicing MLA format and citations.

She wants us to write an essay after this Annotated Bibliography about a time in our life in which we experienced the “stereotype effect” or that little gremlin that Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich refer to in their podcast “The Obama Effect, Perhaps.” I will be ordering that later. for now just the Annotated Bibliography

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The Annotated Bibliography

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