Testing the efficiency of SIGS-mediated RNAi against M. Persicae

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3 experiments were conducted and methods are written up. Experiments conducted were to assess whether spraying dsRNA can silence a target gene and affect aphid movement and reproduction. Experiment 1: aphids sprayed while on plants. Experiment 2: aphids feeding on sprayed plants. Experiment 3: aphids alone were sprayed and then transferred to the plant to feed for 14 days. One aphid life cycle is completed in 14 days, so reproduction was assessed after 14 day period. Nanoparticles were bound to dsRNA to see if it would improve the delivery to the plants and aphids, and improve the efficacy of treatments. To summarise the results, there was a stronger effect on movement than reproduction in all tested conditions. No improved effect observed with nanoparticle-bound dsRNA. I have attached a draft (which contains all sections) with feedback to help, a lot may seem repetitive. Please re-write concisely and professionally. Need help with statistical analysis, may need to be re-done (Fisher’s exact/chi squared test when comparing number of aphids for reproduction or number of dead aphids etc. highlighted in the document). Please do stats analysis where required even if I have not analysed. Please note that I’ve attached an excel file with all the data and one-way ANOVA and t-test results. Post-hoc Tukey’s test results were done on an online platform, not present here, might need to be re-done. Graphs already done. I will edit that myself, please use that for reference when writing results. Some graphs may present the same results in different ways (e.g. 4.11 and 4.12). However, please note comment on figure 4.10. Wouldn’t mind some guidance/ideas with compiling graphs 4.8 to 4.10 together. I will be requesting an additional chapter (final discussion for the whole of the thesis) to be completed after this order has been done, would like for the same writer to work on it, thank you.

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Testing the efficiency of SIGS-mediated RNAi against M. Persicae

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