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Review these resources (plus others that you find in the quality literature). The goal is to understand the variety of branding elements and how different brands use these tools to build brand value.

The Byline Group (2022). Slogan and Jingle List. Tagline Guru.

Alton, L. (2017, May 17). 8 Characters Like the GEICO Gecko that Elevate Brand Recognition. Inc.

Friedman, N. (2017, May 22). 7 Colors that Might get you Sued. Business Insider.

Gardner, B. (2019, June 11). I’ve Been Studying Logos for Decades. Here’s What Changed This Year.

Templeton, D. (2020, July 30). Create a Brand Style with This Branding Checklist [Blog]. Widen.

Name the brand in your subject line. Provide graphics to show the element that has recently changed. Or, you might show several current branding elements (logo, package, slogan, advertisement, spokesperson, web site, etc.) to discuss the level of synergy in the brand’s presentation. NOTE: Be sure to attach graphics to this assignment.

***please be sure to ask any questions if anything is unclear and include references list. Please provide a draft asap for feedback. Thank you!

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