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A briefing on what the case study paper should have.


  • This should include the purpose of your paper 
  • brief overview of what addiction you will be focused on
    • Why is this a problem; who does it impact etc. 

The introduction should include some of the research you found*

Brief Background of your character/client

  • This paper is NOT a review of the movie. So focus on the demographics of your character (race, gender, age, socioeconomic status etc.) 


  • This section you can refer to your modules about assessment. It should include things like: 
    • Articulation of a clear statement of the need, problem, or situation;  Recognize the strengths, assets, skills, and abilities of clients;  clear description of the client system;  the client system’s interactions with other system; household description; risk and protective factors that contribute to the addiction etc. 

This is not an exhaustive list and this is another spot where you can add supporting evidence from your research and from class (i.e. In the film John’s experienced frequent homelessness and according to smith and jones people who experience inconsistent housing and trauma at an early age are more likely to suffer from addiction)


  • Support your rationale for diagnosis – this can include some examples (remember this is not a paper focused on the movie so just be brief

Treatment Plan 

  • Based on support system, gender, culture, etc what is the best course of treatment 
    • 12 step, outpatient, inpatient, CBT etc. 


  • what type of treatment goals would you recommend. 


  • Your personal revelations – what you learned; how you can use this information moving forward; your growth from the beginning to the end of the class etc. 

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Ray the movie 

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