Leadership Interview Reflection and Executive Summary 

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  1. What are the healthcare leader’s day-to-day responsibilities within the organization? Staffing, Quality improvement, How many foleys, central lines, falls, Day to day operations–RL solution that comes in: patient complaints, Meetings
    Organization: quality improvement- systems call, scheduling, payroll, interviews, ordering stocks.
  2. What education and practice experience have prepared the leader for their current role? Different for each: projective-strong clinical background, experience as an assistant manager. Education-background and clinical skills. (usually at Yale New Haven Hospital a Masters degree in nursing is needed for this position but this manager currently has only a bachelorette degree in nursing)
  3. What type of organizational structure is present within the organization? For example, is it a hierarchical structure or a decentralized, shared governance structure? Lots of clinical changes: the bedside nurses voices. Operates in patriarchally structure clear chain of commands.
  4. What types of communication patterns or issues are present and affected by the current organizational structure? Communication is sometimes hard-who does the information come from-organizational to system level-from higher in commands to manager to staff (did not come from the direct source) information may be incomplete.
  5. How does the leader address conflict related to divergent opinions? Give people a voice and understand where they are coming from. Empathize with persons, Staff-each side needs to be heard. Discuss differences in professional background and experience, race and ethnicity, and culture.
  6. What type of leadership style does the healthcare leader have, and is that style impacted by the current organizational structure and function? Yale New Haven embraces leadership style. Work in professional behavior but not to sugar coat. Not afraid to ask staff to do anything. Earn staff trust, authenticity, no supersies.
  7. Develop two additional questions related to the healthcare leader’s role and experiences within the organization. Consider question topics from the course such as improvements in the performance evaluation process, code of ethics training, implementation of shared governance, reduction of risk, development of tracer methodology, or any quality-improvement idea.
    A. Staff with different personalities, personal relationships, try not to change their own personality-authenticity. Different issues for different people. Mondays are difficult-staff issues, patient complaints. Friday is better as the manager is around all week.
    B. High liability rounding-including patient safety, decrease falls. Decrease call bell use.
    From leadership perspective sustainable

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Leadership Interview Reflection and Executive Summary 

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