Hugos List of strategic systems 

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Evaluate Hugos’ list of “Strategic System Builders” (p. 268) relative to identifying and pursuing supply chain (SC) opportunities. What is the value/effectiveness of these guidelines? What are the limitations/weaknesses of these guidelines? Anything missing? Would you recommend any other guidelines? Given what you know about your current organization, apply these strategic system design guidelines to your company. (Recognizing that you may not have full knowledge of all business operations) Do your best to assess your company relative to these guidelines. For example, how well do your company’s business goals and performance targets align with your current system? Does/has your current system given your company a competitive advantage? (If not, what is missing – what do you need?). Do you see any opportunities to reduce complexity, increase flexibility, and better align organizational capabilities? What is your overall conclusion regarding your company’s current system and Hugos’ Strategic Guidelines? Minimum of 2 pages; answers should include at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article as a citation upd: Designing supply chain systems or any other kind of system can quickly become a very complex undertaking.
The business manager can come to feel overwhelmed by the possible choices and be tempted to leave this activity to the technical experts. Do not give in to this temptation. Business management must remain actively involved with the technical people in creating the conceptual design for the system. It is in this activity that the business manager can exercise very effective control over the strategy that the company will take to accomplish its goal. This activity cannot be left entirely to technical people because they usually do not have the depth of business knowledge that is needed to make the best decisions. The best approach is for business and technical people to work together and generate a number of possible conceptual designs. Evaluate the goodness of each conceptual design by applying the seven guidelines for the design of new systems. These guidelines provide a basis to compare different designs and to select the conceptual design that has the best chance of success. A design that respects all seven of these guidelines is the best.
It may still be a workable design if one or two of these guidelines are violated (as long as it is not the first of the seven guidelines shown). If guidelines are violated, there need to be very good reasons for doing so and specific compensations made to cover those violations. If three or more guidelines are broken, then the conceptual design is seriously flawed and it is very unlikely that the design can be successfully built please see the attachment from the reading (reading for chapter 6 discussion.docx)

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Hugos List of strategic systems 

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