How you might implement them with a specific group of learners defined by you?

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Discuss two ideas for teaching pragmatics and how you might implement them with a specific group of learners defined by you based only on the two articles that I attached to you. I need a draft two days before the deadline, please.

draft feedback: Hello. I got the paper draft, and I think that activities 4 and 5 must be discussed in teaching pragmatics to L2 learners. Please, try to be more concrete in some examples that might implement with a specific group of learners. The professor does not want just theory. But how can we implement these in L2 learners? Some examples and concrete practices in the class. Also, do not forget to include the citing evidence from both of the readings from week 12 and include a bibliography of cited references using APA style. Let me know if you are have any question.

UPD: There are many strategies to help L2 learners be more successful by implementing pragmatic planning to help them raise awareness of how the language is being used in the context. We have to try to activate prior knowledge; what do the students know about the meaning of the vocabulary they would use in the particular situation because learners need to know that context. It is always a good idea to observe teaching in an L2 classroom and offer opportunities for in-class participation, focusing not only on language and grammar but also on context. You can consider that part and extend more.

upd: Actually, I was looking forward to you considering the points that I made. I want you to consider some more points and fit that into the paper. Pragmatics is about the ability to use language in socially appropriate ways. Communication is influenced by cultural backgrounds and the social context in which people use language.
Implementing a social story might be appropriate. For example, in the library, again, many students with no pragmatic social skills don’t understand that if we’re in the library, we have to use our quiet voice, use our indoor voice, and don’t use our outdoor voice. Another situation might be that when learners interact with adults or teachers, how do we talk to them like we would to our baby brother. Another social story would be beige behaving in various situations such as school; students should know how to behave at school versus how to behave at home. Or how to behave during circle time. Go over the story with students to check for comprehension—different scenarios how to complain appropriately in a different situation.

We need to teach the L2 learners not only grammar, vocabulary, and idioms but also to focus on teaching communication skills, teaching culture, and getting our students to be confident. Good communication not only requires grammar, lexicon, and vocabulary, but it also requires an understanding of all little unwritten rules that teachers need to give explicit instructions.
By implementing those strategies and bringing examples in a language class, teachers will be able to explore the ability of the language learners to match utterances with contexts in which they are appropriate. The student will be able to act in different communicative patterns and find themselves active and involved in the concrete acts in the classroom. Raise the learners` awareness of the language’s importance in a particular context, situation, culture in choice they can make when interact in the target language.

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How you might implement them with a specific group of learners defined by you?

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