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Length: 1 page, 5 points; 2 pages, 15 points; 3 pages, 25 points. Pages refer to FULL pages. 1. Using references to at least 3 texts we’ve studied to illustrate your ideas, discuss the main features of Native American literature. and/or (you may choose only 1 or only 2 or combine 1 and 2) 2. Discuss any combination of the following, using examples from a minimum of 3 of the texts we have read: How has the concept of justice appeared in any of the works we have read?

How is Native American Identity defined (by blood, cultural connection, etc)? How has humor been used? How have traditional stories, myths, characters been used? How do some of our readings present us with hybrids of European and Native American storytelling? Any sources used must be cited (APA or MLA style).

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